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We request personal information from customers when sending inquiries, making document requests, or reservations. We will respect the Personal Information Protection Law with regards to personal information received and will pay close attention to its handling in accordance with our privacy policy.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information as defined in the Personal Information Protection Law refers to information of a living person including one's name, address, phone number, email address, birthday, and other information that can be used to identify a specific individual. In addition, personal information also includes information that by itself cannot identify a specific person but could be used to identify a specific person when combined with other information.

About the Collection of Personal Information

おWe request personal information from customers when receiving inquiries, document requests, and reservations. We have customers input personal information into form when making an inquiry about our website or when making a reservation.

Regarding the Extent of Personal Information Usage

This website will use personal information from customers for the purposes described in "Reasons for Using Personal Information." However, when disclosure based on laws and ordnances is required by a governmental agency or judicial authority, we will accordingly disclose the requested information.

Reasons for Using Personal Information

We will use personal information for the below purposes. The usage of personal information for other reasons will require the prior consent of the customer regarding the information to be used.

  1. To provide member content for those registered as members.
  2. To provide the latest information about our website and events to those who have allowed notifications.
  3. To answer customers' inquiries about this website and to fulfill requests.

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