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Our pride - the classic sukiyaki made of select Omi beef.


The chef's special soup uses white miso as its base and has plenty of collagen.

Contains seasonal seafood and lots of locally grown vegetables coupled with the house's ponzu vinegar sauce.

The specially selected Omi beef is best when dipped in our secret sesame sauce, the vegetables are best when eaten with the house's refreshing ponzu vinegar sauce.

You can enjoy the above dishes all year round.

Pike conger is one of the signature flavors of summer. It has a simple yet elegant, rich taste.
*The photo is an image. It is not the actual dish.

This nabe pairs special miso with tanba boar meat to perfectly complement the Kyoto vegetables, and will warm up both your heart and soul on chilly winter days.
※*The photo shows a serving for 1 person.

A luxurious winter nabe of thin slices of fresh fugu (puffer fish). You can cook the fish in the pot or eat it as sashimi, the house's ponzu vinegar sauce is the perfect complement either way.
*The photo shows a serving for 1 person.

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